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What does the New Testament say about women? Is the woman the husband’s property as in so many other religions, or is it that Jesus advocates equality? Girl Power – is it Christian?

Girl Powered by Jesus - Christian clothing online.
Girl Powered by Jesus – Christian clothing online.

It is quite clear in Galatians 3: 26-29 that Jesus equates man and woman. In fact, many times in the New Testament, both Jesus ‘words and Jesus’ actions show that he, and thereby God, equates man and woman. Today we are looking at a piece in the Galatians because we are also releasing a new design for printing our clothes in this theme.

Galatians 3: 26-29

All of you are children of God through faith in Christ Jesus. All of you who have been baptized into Christ have been clothed in Christ. Here is not Jew or Greek, slave nor free, man and woman. You are all one in Christ Jesus.

No difference between Greek or Jew, man or woman and so on. In fact, when the first Christian missionaries ventured into the north a little more than 1,000 years ago, it was primarily with the notorious Vikings the women they heard. The women in the Nordic countries quickly understood what Jesus’ words meant, for the men took almost 300 years before they became convinced.

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Is Christianity the religion of women?

Yes! As well as men’s. Christianity is everyone’s religion and God is everyone’s creator. The world is oppressed, raped, abused, deprived of its human rights, enslaved, forced intoxication, hundreds of millions of women in various so-called religions and in accordance with its peculiar writings. This is NOT Christianity! God doesn’t hate His creation, God loves it – that’s why we were made into God’s image. Women as men.

Girl Powered by Jesus

Given how the world looks and how women in many countries are treated by God-free religions, we should be fortunate women, who themselves can choose which one we want to meet, not get imprisoned and whipped for not hiding our hair, have the right to make our own choices, and even to decide for ourselves about our lives – we should honor this and also make better use of it.

Jesus died on the cross for humanity. Every day, women (and men) die the same death for their faith around the world.

We women who live in the free world must be better at taking advantage of the right we have. For our own sake, but also with respect for the hundreds of millions of women who do not have that opportunity.

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Become an everyday missionary

Spread the Christian message through words and deeds. Become a proud Christian woman and wear a beautiful garment with a Christian message.
You will be amazed at how many positive reactions or curious questions you will get. In clothes with a Christian message, you become a bit like the first apostles, Jesus disciples, but in the western world, you will not be stoned or crucified.

Christian clothing with a message: Girl Powered by Jesus.

Girl Powered By Jesus - Women’s Premium Hoodie.
Girl Powered By Jesus – Women’s Premium Hoodie.

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