Conserve ​nature – Preserve a squirrel – Funny clothing

Conserve nature - preserve a squirrel
Conserve nature – preserve a squirrel

TeePublic + Climate Action

Can we Conserve nature by preserving a squirrel? Some seem to think so.

On the 23rd of September, teen climate activist Greta Thunberg is listed to speak at the United Nations Climate Action Summit in New York City, USA.

Students around the world have stood up and provided the leadership that has been sorely missing amongst adults. We now recognize it’s time to stand with them and push for serious action.

TeePublic says;

We live in a time where the expectations of companies have changed. While we do not aim in any way to act in a politically partisan manner, we do aim to selectively and thoughtfully advocate for action on important human rights and environmental responsibility issues. This is done in partnership with the TeePublic community.

In order to contribute meaningfully to the effort and to acknowledge that we cannot afford to remain silent on climate action. TeePublic will donate $1USD per transaction (up to $10,000USD) on September 23rd to That is an international environmental organization addressing the climate crisis.

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We, The Tipsy Red Fox, are very selective when choosing what companies we cooperate with. One criterion is that they have to have an acceptable environment policy.

Things can always be better, of course, but we are quite happy with what our partners do.

Beside TeePublic we also work with RedBubble (the same owner as TeePublic) and Spreadshirt.

When you are shopping for products with our works, you should know that we at least did our best to find the most environmentally friendly way to produce them.

Conserve nature - preserve a squirrel t-shirt.
Conserve nature – preserve a squirrel t-shirt.

23rd September special

On the 23rd of September, the TeePublic will donate $1USD, for every sale to the We support their work to conserve ​nature and save our planet. Shop NOW!

Conserve ​nature – is it a joke?

Conserve ​nature – preserve a squirrel. Can we Conserve nature by preserving a squirrel? Some seem to think so.

Question: Are we conserving nature by preserving a squirrel?
Answer: No, it’s like a joke.

: Are global warming and the climate catastrophes that follow fun and something to make jokes about?
Answer: No! it’s quite hard to see the fun in the fact that we are destroying the only place where we can live.

Question: Why are you then joking about it?
Answer: Actually, we are just reflecting what the politicians say, and their acts. They don’t see any political or economical winning in squirrels. A preserved squirrel will be enough for them.


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