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Aussie NFL star’s astonishing prime time moment

Australian punter Michael Dickson pulled off one of the plays of the year on Thursday Night Football, averting a catastrophe with some brilliant quick thinking and skill.

With his Seattle Seahawks trailling the Los Angeles Rams 16-7 late in the third quarter, Dickson was called on to punt after a failed offensive drive.

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His first kick was blocked, but the Sydney native scooped up the rebound with one hand, evaded the defence and launched a second kick down the field, pinning the Rams on their own 10-yard line.

While a penalty flag was initially thrown for an illegal second kick, it was overruled and the play allowed to stand.

It ended up being a 68-yard punt, the longest of Dickson’s season and the second longest of his career.

Instead of their opponents starting with the ball in scoring position, Seattle forced them to punt and would score on the following drive, closing the score to 16-14.

The Rams would end up winning anyway, but the eyes up play from Dickson caught the attention of everyone watching.

Dickson, a former Sydney Swans academy player, has been a fan favourite across his three seasons in Seattle.

He was named an all-pro in 2019 after his rookie season, and this summer signed a four-year, $14.5 million ($19.8 million AUD) contract extension.

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