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National Deer Association Thanks Departing Board Members for Their Service

February 18, 2021 – The staff and Board of the National Deer Association (NDA) would like to express their gratitude to departing Board members for their years of volunteer service, support and guidance of the National Deer Alliance and the Quality Deer Management Association, and for their stewardship of the process that led to the unification of these two conservation organizations into the National Deer Association.

Through the unification process, a new consolidated Board structure was created that would not allow for the inclusion of both former Boards in their entirety. To facilitate the new framework, several members voluntarily stepped down but most will remain engaged by serving on advisory committees or assisting the organization in other ways.

Departing members of the National Deer Alliance Board of Directors include Glenn Johnson of Georgia, Rob Keck of South Carolina, Miles Moretti of Utah, Krysten Schuler of New York, Mike Spors of Wisconsin, Chuck Sykes of Alabama, and Steve Williams of Pennsylvania.

Departing members of the QDMA Board of Directors include Chris Asplundh Jr. of Pennsylvania, Melissa Bachman of Minnesota, Kevin Gillespie of Michigan, and Hugh Sosebee Jr. of Georgia. 

“For years these people supported deer conservation through their invaluable service to NDA’s founding organizations,” said NDA President & CEO Nick Pinizzotto. “Their generous contributions of time, money and expertise were behind the achievements of those organizations and helped ensure the successful launch of the unified group. Our staff and Board, and NDA members around the nation, owe them our gratitude.”

Additionally, one member of each founding Board moved to an emeritus non-voting position, including Dr. Dave Guynn of South Carolina and Jay McAninch of Virginia.

To see the current NDA Board of Directors, visit: https://www.deerassociation.com/about/board-of-directors/

Media Contact: Lindsay Thomas Jr., Chief Communications Officer, 800-209-3337 

About the National Deer Association
Formally launched on November 10, 2020, the National Deer Association is a non-profit deer conservation group that leads efforts to ensure the future of wild deer, wildlife habitat and hunting. Formed by combining the strengths of two long-serving, successful organizations, the National Deer Association has a combined 38 years of action that has changed deer management for the betterment of hunting and protected North America’s most vital and admired game species for future generations.

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