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Reed embroiled in fresh cheating claims

Patrick Reed has become embroiled in a fresh alleged cheating controversy after claiming relief on an “embedded ball” at the PGA Tour’s Farmers Insurance Open.

Reed was playing the 10th hole during the third round at Torrey Pines when he struck a fairway bunker shot. He pulled it to the left of the green, where the ball clearly bounced rather than plugging directly into the ground.

Yet Reed claimed otherwise after finding the ball in the rough and picking it up. He repeatedly told a rules official that he believed the ball had not bounced and demonstrated where the ball had come to rest, poking at the ground with his finger.

Reed was given relief for an embedded ball, then got up-and-down for par. He led the tournament midway through the third round.

Yet cameras caught the controversial moments, including clear evidence that the ball bounced, plunging Reed into another rules controversy. Veteran commentator Jim Nantz said: “The optics are not good.”

Reed then caught a genuine ‘fried egg’ lie in a bunker on the next hole, to which commentator Nick Faldo responded: “Do you think the golf gods are watching?” He bogeyed holes 11, 13, 14 and 16 to drop from the lead, yet birdied 18 to regain a share of the lead with Carlos Ortiz at 10-under.

Reed was called out for cheating at the 2019 Hero World Challenge, where cameras caught him grounding his club in a bunker. Footage showed that the club head improved the lie behind his ball.

At last year’s US Open, Reed was seen pressing down the rough behind his ball in an apparent attempt to improve the lie. The rules state that a club should be rested only gently behind the ball on address.

Patrick Reed hits a tee shot during the third round of the Farmers Insurance Open. (AP)

A leading gold commentator, Peter Kostis, claimed that he’d witnessed Reed cheat on four separate occasions – including at a previous event at Torrey Pines.

Australian golfer Cameron Smith accused Reed of “cheating” at the Hero World Challenge and offered a “bulls–t” excuse – that the camera angle misrepresented what had happened. Gold analyst Brandel Chamblee accused Reed of “flagrantly breaking a rule”.

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1 thought on “Reed embroiled in fresh cheating claims”

  1. What happened with Patrick Reed on 1/30/21 on the 10th hole at Torrey Pines is the most blatant example of a PGA player cheating in the history of the tour. Everybody interviewing him and analyzing what happened is apparently totally brain dead. Nobody is asking the critical question. Did you absolutely know the ball was embedded when you examined it and picked it up? If he said he did they should have said that it was impossible for a ball to have embedded after bouncing a foot in the air. Even he admits that after seeing the video. They should have asked him tough, pointed questions but they totally let him off. He keeps saying that everyone that saw it said it didn’t bounce. It doesn’t matter what anyone else said, the ball did bounce. His state of mind doesn’t matter. What anyone else told him doesn’t matter. The only thing that matters is how the ball was sitting after it came to rest and only he knew that. If it wasn’t embedded it couldn’t have appeared to be or felt like it was. Everyone who’s ever played the game can tell if a ball is embedded, even in deep rough. Since it wasn’t embedded, even according to Reed, it couldn’t have looked or felt like it was. His actions back this up. He knew it wasn’t embedded, that’s why he picked it up right away and didn’t let anyone else check. He keeps talking about irrelevant things like what people told him and that the official checked to see if there was an indentation in the ground. The only thing that matters is what did happen. There was an indentation, it was where the ball initially hit. Where the official was checking was not where the ball ended up. There couldn’t have been an indentation at that point. The only one who knew what happened is Reed since he wouldn’t let anyone else inspect the ball. He totally took advantage of the situation.

    He’s been accused of cheating many times in the past but this is by far the most egregious example of it. I just can’t believe how the rules officials and everyone else are letting him get away with this. This will forever haunt him and follow him around for the rest of his career.

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