Running Man

Running man. I am the Running Man.
Clothes for joggers.

I am the Running Man.

Running man. Someone asked me about what my deep artistic feelings and thoughts were when I created this man that dissolves when he’s running.

Another person who is an art connoisseur (amazing that an art connoisseur even talks to me) asked me about the symbolic value that the man (the running man, not me) is naked.

Let’s press PAUS here for a moment.
We got two questions.

Question 1: A man that dissolves?

My honest answer on the first question is that I had neither any deep thoughts or personal feelings about it.

The night before I started to work with this design I watched The Matrix, the movie from 1999. In that movie, people or their virtual versions dissolve when they get killed or calling home to their base.

That inspired me to let the Running Man dissolve.

Running Man - The Tipsy Red Fox Design
The Tipsy Red Fox Design. Jogging t-shirt.

Question 2: A naked man?

When I sketch I always start with the bones. The skeleton. Then I begin to build up flesh and muscles (or fat) until it looks like a human or any other kind of creature. After that, I may try to put some characteristics and personality to my illustration.

When that’s done it’s time for hair, clothes and other stuff but in this case, I was too lazy to give him appropriate jogging clothing. That’s another two, or three hours work!

Let’s release the PAUS button now.

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The art connoisseur

And now you wonder what I told the art connoisseur?

Well, I just told her some complete gibberish, served her another free drink, and she was happy.

I got 4.5 stars (out of 5) in her review.

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