Creation of the Fashion Girl – the fashionable model

Sketch-Fashion-Girl - TipsyRedFox - The fashionable model.
Sketch-Fashion-Girl – TipsyRedFox – The fashionable model.

The fashionable model girl.

The fashionable model. The story behind this illustration is a little bit odd. It’s not always when you create something it really ends up to look like what you saw in your first vision.

In this case, I started to design a Viking warrior. A Nordic masculine hero with long red hair and beard. After been working with his skin tone for a while I found out that he was more look-alike some kind of undead creature.

Well, you shall not despair.

I continued my work but the Viking idea was now abandoned.

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Night creature

I was now illustrating a demon or some kind of creature or monster from your darkest nightmare. Long and slim arms and legs, an emotionless and totally blank expression, and a sickly pale skin.

Then a colleague passed by and she took a look at my illustration.

  • Is it for a catwalk, she asked?
  • Cat what, I replied?
  • The model. Is it a catwalk model?

I didn’t answer her, and shortly she walked away.

Fashion Girl was born

At the same moment, they played the old hit from the 80s, “The Model” by the German group Kraftwerk.

She’s a model and she’s looking good…

Now it was completely clear for me that she’s a model and she’s looking good.

Fashion Girl was born.

For the moment there are three different versions of her: