Ouch T-shirt

Ouch! T-shirt.
Ouch! T-shirt.

Ouch, don’t peel the egg

Hard outside, but soft inside, do you ever heard about that?
How can you treat me like this?
When you told me I was your breakfast I had an illusion of something romantic. You said I was looking tasty, and you liked my rounded curves. This is some kind of misunderstanding.
Hey, stop it now! Are you going to rub salt into my wound? Ouch!
A kiss now? What do you think about me? I am a respectable Egg.
That’s not a kiss! Stop! Arghhhhh!

Printed T-shirt. Fun design with chicken/egg - ouch!
Printed T-shirt. Fun design with chicken/egg – ouch!

The Egg T-shirt

A really fun and cool design for t-shirts, other clothing, or lots of other stuff. Its message can be about animal rights, veganism, a feeling or mood, or just be cute or fun.

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Ouch mug for breakfast coffee or tea.
Ouch mug for breakfast coffee or tea.

The breakfast egg

Personally, I really love to eat vegetarian food. But, I also like a lot of other food so I’m not even close to calling my self for vegan or a vegetarian.

For those who do, I guess this can be a suitable t-shirt print or design mug for the morning tea? Just turn on that “you-are-a-murderer-look”, and we’ll see for how long your partner will continue to eat egg for breakfast.

Ouch! Feel like a boiled egg

The message in this print not necessary have to do with food or veganism. It can also symbolize a feeling. I feel like this every Monday morning.